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Jack White’s Love is Blindness

“The cover is better than the original” is our new music section in untitledmx, where each Friday we will share an awesome cover worthy of being called “better than the original song”. This is our first section in English.

For our first cover, we chose Jack White’s Love is Blindness. The song was featured on Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby Soundtrack. The original song is from U2’s Achtung Baby (1991).

Why it’s better: White’s voice is so powerful that you can feel the pain each time he shouts “love is blindness”. This rendition is completely emotional while U2’s is a little flat. Jack White’s Love is Blindness is how this song should be sung, exploding just at the right time.

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  1. Great choice. I love this cover so much and as you’ve referenced to the aggressive vocal of Jack White. I still prefer the hypnotic original version which is based upon the divorce of U2’s guitarist Edge and delivered from a much darker perspective, so I love both versions.


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